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If there was such a thing as a “Hair LossAnonymous” meet up, Provillus hair restoration products would be a hot topicamong the attendees. After all, this particular solution had been mentioned allover the mainstream media, which would make one wonder, “Does Provillus hairrestoration products really work?”

Both men and women alike are susceptible tohair loss problems. While hair transplants and surgeries are a quick way to“fix” this problem, not many could have pockets deep enough to afford suchservices. If you are contemplating on hiding your thinning hairline with a wig,or a hat – you should pretty much forget the idea because let’s face it – youcan’t wear hat everywhere you go, andunless you can afford the higher ended wigs, they are just not realistic enoughto fool your peers.

In all seriousness, there is not always aspecific pattern for hair loss in women, and according to statistics, two outof every eight women, unfortunately, suffer from some sort of hair lossproblems. It is more common for men to suffer from receding hairline, whetherold or young. Some would assume that men wouldn’t care as much as women – butthey are very far from right. Thinning hairline could easily destroy one’sself-confidence, and make him look older and less virile. Imagine, the alphalion, without his mane.

WhatReally Causes Hair Loss Problems?

Older women are prone to hair loss due tovarious reasons, such as:

·        Menopause

·        Thyroid inefficiencies

·        Unbalanced hormones

These are among the common risk factorsthat would lead to hair loss, among many others. It is quite rare for youngerwomen to experience hair loss, however it is not impossible. Hormone imbalancesand diabetes are common causes of hair loss in younger women – but the mostmain factor is improper hair care. The way younger women care for their hair,by using multiple products that contains chemicals, as well as use of curlingor flat irons might damage the follicles or make the hair brittle – whichresults in loss of hair. Women are also susceptible to female-pattern baldness,although not as common as men.

One of the most common factor of hair lossproblems faced by men is male-pattern baldness, a hereditary condition. Inother words, men who are genetically susceptible to male-pattern baldness maysuffer from permanent hair loss. Stress is another common cause, followed byvarious other diseases.

SoHow Does Provillus Hair Restoration Products Come In Play?

Provillus hair restoration products areused to help combat hair loss problem for both men and women, specifically forthose who are suffering from male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness.

Who knew that a drug originally formulatedto help curb high blood pressure, would instead be turned to help treat hairloss? Research showed that this particular drug had adverse effect of hairgrowth. Since it was not effective as a blood pressure medication, it was thenapproved by the FDA to be used as treatment for hair loss. Provillus hairrestoration products are usually easy to use topical solutions, and they alsocome in oral form, and now, spray, shampoo and conditioner form.

THE Provillus

While there might be plenty of other hairgrowth products out there that uses minoxidilas its main ingredient – the most trusted and reliable one would definitelybe the Provillus hair restoration system. Why? Because the developers of theproducts spent years to come up with a system so effective, that it does notonly rely on minoxidil on its own,but supplemented with oral vitamins and enriched shampoos as well asconditioners. The formulation would help to promote hair growth to its optimum.

ProvillusHair Restoration for Men

The Provillus Hair Restoration for Mensystem focuses on regrowth of lost hair, revitalizing the scalp as well as newhair follicles, and reversing hair thinning. It contains higher percentage of minoxidil to give it extra strength formen. It is a newly produced spray system approved by the FDA, designed tooptimally help with hair regrowth. The spray does not produce foam, whichlessens the mess and waste, which is an advantage over other products. One ofits best features is that it is formulated for the best absorption on the scalp,which makes it works faster than any other products out there.

ProvillusHair Restoration for Women

The Provillus Hair Restoration for Womensystem consists of a revitalizing shampoo, volumizing conditioner, hairregrowth treatment, and rejuvenating lift spray. The system is createdspecifically for the unique needs of a women’s hair. For women who color theirhair, they do not have to worry applying the product on their hair as theformula is sulfate free, which is gentle on color treated hair.

What appeals to most users is the fact thatthe system comes with a full package of products. The shampoo is enriched withvitamins and antioxidants to help soothe and nourish the hair and scalp, whilethe conditioner helps to add volume to the hair. The hair growth solutioncontains milder percentage of minoxidil,which is ideal for women, and the lift spray helps to protect the hair fromheat damage and breakage.


Provilus is backed by strong research onboth men and women. It is, however, should not be taken by those who aresuffering from hair loss caused by anything other than genetics, hereditaryhair loss or pattern baldness. Using the product twice a day will help tostimulate hair growth as it improves blood flow to the scalp, as well as helpsto increase the size of the hair follicles, which results in the growing phaseof the hair becomes longer than usual. It could, indeed be the solution forhair loss, for those who are suffering from genetic hereditary hair loss, morecommonly known as male-pattern baldness or female-pattern baldness. Thethousands of positive reviews as well as the positive feedback from years ofresearch for this product speaks for itself.


Provillus Hair Restoration %E2%80%93 The Solution to Hair Loss?